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About 25 years ago, I learned beading techniques while living in New Mexico, I was enchanted by the beauty and technical sophistication of the regional Pueblo artists.  My teachers showed me some simple stitches which lead me to make simple pieces...but I was on my way.  In those years, there were wonderful bead stores in Santa Fe -- offering tantalizing colors, shapes and inspiration.  It was difficult to leave a bead store without a small purchase and an idea to try at home.   One of my teachers encouraged me to experiment with unstructured, freeform beading techniques -- creating as I went along.  I began with jewelry -- making necklaces and bracelets.  This was a challenge I enjoyed.  Over the years,  I transitioned to small, one-of-a-kind, three-dimensional framed "sculptures" using 24K gold and palladium or platinum plated beads and semi precious stones,  My pieces are intended to be hung on a wall.  The result is a multi-layered quality of texture, color, and light.  I might begin by choosing a color palette or a possible shape - but the juxtaposition of bead against bead is what determines the shape and vibrancy of the final work.  The reflection of the beads - the way the sun can catch the gold or platinum - adds a special shimmering quality to the viewer's enjoyment.

I am an avid gardener...receiving my "Master Gardener's Certificate" from Cornell Cooperative Extension.  For me, gardening is another aspect  of my creativity.  It is inspiring to see the beauty of nature and to follow the seasons as flowers and colors come and go.

I have a Fine Arts degree and a masters degree in Library and Information Science and began working as a film librarian. This led me to become the co-founder and artistic director of the Washington, DC International Film Festival - 


a job that took me around the world -- "going to the movies."  It was a wonderful opportunity to experience the diversity of visual expression and gave me the ability to bring new films to new audiences.

As awareness for climate change began to grow,  I made a career shift by learning about and working in the field of the zero emission/carbon-free transportation.  

Generous and patient mentors gave me opportunities to utilize my abilities as a non-scientist.  I had a challenging opportunity to work for the US Department of Energy -- developing educational materials on the subjects of fuel cells and hydrogen.  

This all brings me back to my beading...which I hope provides an inviting and stimulating experience to anyone who should come into contact with the colors and shapes I have created.

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